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Hunted, Book One of The Gates Legacy

Hunted, Book One of The Gates Legacy

Deep in the heart of New York City’s underworld, a horrible disease is ravaging the vampire community. The Vampire Council is on a crusade to obliterate those infected, and Harrow Gates is target Number One. The unwitting source of the plague, he suffers from the same nightmarish symptoms as his victims. The world he'd been thrust into was cold, cruel, and intent on eradicating him, and the legions of afflicted vampires he created with his bite.
A bounty hanging over his head, satisfying his hunger has become an enormous challenge for Harrow. The less he feeds, the more hideous and painful his lesions become. Constantly running for his life and learning new tricks to survive, Harrow is in no position to refuse when Pritchard Tack offers him a unique opportunity. Pritchard not only gives Harrow a new beginning, but also a purpose and a chance to rectify the chaos he created in the vampire world. However, the multi-billionaire has an agenda of his own.
Jordan is a reluctant new vampire and a woman on a mission. After the demise of her family and her own transformation at the hands of Goran, the ruthless leader of the Vampire Council, her only focus is revenge. Constantly faced with one frustrating dead-end after another, a stroke of luck leads her to an underground facility that she suspects is the lair of the monster for whom she is looking.
Upon learning more about the truth behind the secret bunker, Jordan must fight against her growing feelings of friendship and concern for the facility’s inhabitants. One man in particular threatens to pull her heart away from her sworn mission. There is something behind Harrow’s dark lenses that unsettles the hardened female. Once again, she trembles and hungers for something other than red-stained revenge. Is love strong enough to override her hate-fueled thirst for vengeance?

Author Bio:

Lorenz Font discovered her love of writing after reading a celebrated novel that inspired one idea after another. Hunted, the first book of The Gates Legacy trilogy, is her debut novel. Written in forty-five days, the grueling writing schedule was a personal challenge, even though she thought it was madness at first.
She enjoys dabbling in different genres with an intense focus on angst and the redemption of flawed characters. Her fascination with romantic twists is a mainstay in all her stories.
She currently lives in California with her husband, children, and two demanding dogs. Lorenz spends most of her free time writing while also working as a Business Office Manager for a skilled-rehabilitation hospital.

What was your first experience publishing like?

It’s not as easy as I thought it would be. I was under the impression, and this is solely my fault, that after writing a novel, my work is done. There is more to the whole process than just coming up with a story. Writing the summaries is possibly one of the harder tasks for me. How can you summarize a long story in just a few hundred words and keep it interesting?

I must say that I’m lucky to have found a good home at Renaissance Romance Publishing. From the moment I signed up with them, the good ladies of the house answered all my questions promptly. They promised to hold my hand during the process and so far, they’ve come through for me.

The editing process had been seamless and quite enjoyable. Contrary to the belief that the first go-round of edits would be nerve wracking, mine bordered on- ‘wow, that’s how bad I suck? And gee, thanks for schooling me’.

I’ve learned so much from the editing aspect that enabled me to finish the second installment armed with a little more knowledge of what needed to be done. Thanks to Elizabeth Lawrence (shout out!) for her guidance and thorough explanation on every area of edits.

So far, I only have good things to say about my first publication journey. As we close in on the book launch, I’m crossing anything capable of crossing and can only hope for the best. I’m very excited too!

We have two excerpts for you to pick from, or you can put them both up!

Excerpt from Hunted:

“There really isn’t a second scenario, we’re dead set and conceptually right about the first one.” Pritchard chuckled. Harrow hissed under his breath, unable to control his hunger any longer. “You need to feed. I know Tor rudely interrupted your dinner. Intel confirms that needle in your pocket, meant you’re not advocating the spread of the disease, am I right?”
Harrow shuddered before nodding. His could feel his strength fading and there wasn’t a damn thing he could do about it. This human, in all of his infinite wisdom, should give him his neck and be done with.
“I know what you’re thinking Harrow,” Pritchard laughed without humor. “I’m not the enemy here, or your dinner. I will take you to a cell for now, where you will be fed donated blood until we find a cure for that ailment. Neither of you are prisoners here, but until we are certain that you’re not a threat to us humans, you will not be allowed to move around freely.”
Pritchard rose to his feet. “Follow me,” he told Harrow.
“What about these damn cuffs on our leg, we’re not animals you know.” Tor said and his voice thundered through the room. He was already up on his feet and facing off with Lambert, who was sporting a push dagger, notably of Dangeran material.
“They are trackers, in case you are out there,” Lambert motioned with his hand. “We will know how to find you.”
“Just like we’re dogs, right?” Tor said distastefully.
“Yes, but very special dogs,” Lambert said, taunting as he grabbed Tor’s elbow and shoved him forward to follow Pritchard and Harrow. They were already walking down the long corridor that eventually led them to a windowless suite. The furnishings were top-rated, lavish to be exact. There were two king-sized beds, a state of the art sound system sitting next to a giant television, expensive looking art adorned the wall, and plush carpeting to boot.

Another Excerpt:

The loneliness gnawed at him hard. He had gone to visit his family several times over the course of the following years and had witnessed firsthand the sorrow in their faces when they thought they’d lost him. He watched his parents from the shadows and saw their hearts were broken, not knowing what had become of their son. Eventually, they passed away, and Harrow felt loneliness like a knife speared permanently in his heart. He was indeed a freak, as he’d been branded by Tor, but not for the reason Tor had concluded. Harrow was a vampire with a conscience, a disease, and a shaky future ahead of him. He was fucked — as fucked as he could get.

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