Saturday, July 3, 2010

When the missing come home

I have spent the day writing when the missing come home. Hopefully it will get to dazzleglo tonite for beta-ing. next up dreaming of edward then war of the worlds.


  1. well i finished the chapter and have sent it to my beta dazzle glo. hopefully it will be back soon.

  2. Will be working on that tonight for you.

  3. I just read it.. and I loved it.. can't wait for more. Love your blog page.. very pretty.

    Hey.. on The library.. you don't have to put in the parenthesis... just link it directly here.

    Love it.

  4. cool thanks for the info on the library!

    Just sent a new chapter to dazzleglo for her awesome beta skills! so hopefully it will be back before in a few days for posting! very scary ending, it just hit me so i hope everyone likes it.

  5. New chapter is finally up. I actually cried as I wrote it. So I hope you all have tissues handy. I wrote my little heart out!