Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Be My Sub

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let everyone know about my new story so far the first chapter has been the best chapter I have ever published! Wow it about all i can say about it.

Be My Sub puts a whole new spin on D/S stories.

Edward is a vampire Dom, Bella is a human Sub and Edward's singer. Edward wants her in every imaginable. Something in her past kept her from attending Folks high so she is now eighteen and living in Seattle. I hope you check it out.

As with all my sex stories I wrote it as a gift for my freind Karen who had a bad day at work, well at her insistance I posted it.


  1. I am trying my best to get chapter 3 done this weekend, but I keep adding to the story as I go. Darn long chapters,LOL.

    Anyways I hope to have to ready today.

  2. I will try to see if I can read this very very soon! And Thanks!!!!!! SOOOO!!!! MUCH!!!!
    I loved your first post! I will also try to read that. My computer time has been limited, so I might not be on some days! Anyways thanks a million!

  3. Chapter 5 if finally finished. Man I hope everyone likes long chapters because that one just kept going on and on. But it was so much fun to write.