Sunday, September 19, 2010

Back to Fan Fic!

Hey everyone. I know you are waiting for the new chapters of your favorite stories and they are coming. Up until last friday 9/14/10 I was writing and posting my three orginals for their writing contest. but now its just a matter of time for their decisions and the voting to end.

Right now i am currently writting chapter 7 of Be My Sub, Dreaming of Edward's epilog, and When the Missing Come Home chapter 18.

I will be moving on to the others as soon as I finish these three chapters..


  1. Darling! I love Be My Sub!!!! I just wish I had enough time to read a lot of it! I promise to read when I have time!!!! Give me a summary of what you would like on your banner!
    With Love

  2. Thank you! sorry it took so long but i have been writing my butt off! you know i have no idea about banners! LOL! that my dear is your expertise. feel free to make it as you see fit. i guess just sexy is all i can come up with a summery.