Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My overly abused beta!

Hey everyone,

I know you are wondering about my updates so here's the deal. I have sent Dazzleglo 5 chapters so far in less than 7 days. The poor woman is working her butt off, but I keep sending her my chapters before she can get them done. So Let's give her a shout out for a job well done! Lord knows she deserves it!

Anyways as soon as they are done, I will post them. So far there are 2 for Be My Sub, 2 for When the Missing Come Home, 1 for a new story. The new story I am am writing with JD909626 and it will be my first all human.

I am just finishing up a new Hiding Bella and War of the Worlds.

Sadly I will be ending Dreaming of Edward as soon as the epilog is done. The next story to close will be Hiding Bella but it's not there yet.

Peaceout! Nails233

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